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Join Our Billion Dollar Boardroom Mastermind And Achieve Your Goals With Javier Hinojo


This is not just “another” mastermind group. We generate community and inspiration, connecting members and high-level speakers, who also are there not just to share, but also to do business with you.

We celebrate your success and understand your failures, and we always will encourage you to get back up again. Be part of us today!

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  • Success is difficult to achieve alone, which is why successful people often have mentors and support systems.
  • Mastermind groups offer greater opportunities for personal and professional growth beyond mentorship.
  • The Billion Dollar Boardroom is a mastermind group that offers a supportive community for growth and development.
  • Members of a mastermind group can share knowledge, insights, and experiences to help each other achieve their goals.
  • Being part of a mastermind group can help individuals scale and grow their businesses more effectively and efficiently.
  • Mastermind groups offer the opportunity to make connections with like-minded individuals who can empower and uplift you.


  • Be part of a group of like-minded people
  • You will start to scale and grow your business effectively and efficiently
  • Increase your deal-flow
  • Learn how to raise capital for your deals
  • Make easier your transition to multifamily or another bigger business deal. You are going to make mistakes… but you will have the chance to avoid “the avoidable” mistakes.
  • Jump into big projects without losing your shirt
  • PLUS: you’re going to make great connections, that will empower your business!

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The BD Deal Hacker

(Valued: $2,995)

The BD Off-Market Course

(Valued: $4,995)
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Get a partner with you to mastermind events

(Valued: $16,500)
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Billion Dollar Boardroom Membership

(Valued: $22,000)

Total: $46,490- $1375

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$ 1,375

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$ 16,500
  • BDB Full membership
  • BD Off Market
  • BD Deal Hacker
  • *12 payments of $1,375. Total amount: $16,500
  • *Valid Annualy


We just need something from you: The mastermind is a great tool for our members and we want to make sure that we are a good fit. Please answer the questions below and you will receive an email with the next steps.


Here Is What You’ll Have When You Get Involved

Billion Dollar Boardroom Mastermind Program

Being part of the Billion Dollar Boardroom:

  • Deal flow: get bigger deals
  • Money: How to raise capital for your large purchases
  • Scale: How to grow and scale your business
  • Attending our 3 masterminds per year (held in exotic locations, such as Mexico!). You would just pay for your travel and lodging, everything else is included (outings, food, etc.)
  • Amazing networking opportunities with high-level speakers and members.
  • Biweekly zoom calls
  • Contact book
  • Exclusive Facebook Private group
  • Be notified of the newest Javier’s Real Estate Deals
  • Partner opportunities

Learn step-by-step what we do from start to finish and how we find Off-market commercial properties:   Where I get my list and hold of sellers, what technology do I use, what speech we use, how to partner, and more.


NOTE: If you buy any annual package from my BDDeal Hacker, this course is INCLUDED.

A great “easy-button”!  A full automated lead management/CRM. It will pull data and lists for commercial properties all over the US. This is how I got over half of my 90 million in real estate: Direct to the owner.

Still Not Sure About The Value You'll Be Getting?

Here’s What People Are Saying About Javier Hinojo

Who Is Javier Hinojo ?

  • Javier Hinojo is a real estate investor who was born in El Paso, Texas and came from humble beginnings.
  • After exiting the US Army's Military Intelligence 82nd Airborne, he found himself looking for a positive way to build legacy wealth.
  • Javier had a "light bulb" moment while attending a real estate seminar, and over time was able to turn a measly $0.32 into $171 million.

What are Javier's real estate investing credentials?

  • Javier has completed over 130 value-add property acquisitions in Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Tampa, and Raleigh-Durham.
  • His strength lies in his ability to identify and steer value-add strategies, and he is skilled at acquiring off-market, distressed properties and stabilizing them to maximize return.
  • Currently, Javier has 1,190M multifamily units, 54,000 square feet, 212 self-storage units, and $171,000,000 in assets under management (AUM) across 7 states.
  • His success in real estate earned him placement into the Rich Dad Poor Dad Hall of Fame.
  • With grit and sheer determination, Javier continues to build his net worth and the net worth of his accredited and non-accredited investors.

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