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What’s a Mastermind?

The highest level of success has never been achieved by a person by himself. That’s why successful people use to have mentors, but there are greater opportunities than just being mentored, like being involved in a mastermind group. “Mastermind” was a term created by Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich, who was inspired by the Billionaire steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie, who credited his fortune to his “mastermind group”.

Your quality as a person is often a reflection of your peer group, you become like your inner circle and vice versa, that’s why is so important to carefully select an inner circle that empowers and uplifts you. If you’re a person who wants to elevate your life, The Billion Dollar Boardroom is the mastermind group that you were looking for.

¡Sé parte de algo que puede cambiar tu vida para siempre!


Te ofrezco una oportunidad ÚNICA para que tengas un crecimiento en tu vida y tu negocio: Sé parte del Billion Dollar Mastermind Latino. 


El Billion Dollar Mastermind Latino es un Mastermind de y para empresarios e Inversionistas Latinos. En el que conectas con las personas indicadas para tomar acción sobre:


👉Cómo duplicar tú dinero.

👉Expandir tu portafolio de inversión.

👉Posibilidad de expandir tu inteligencia colectiva a nivel internacional, conectándose con empresarios de máximo nivel.


El Billion Dollar Mastermind Latino, no solo se trata de juntarnos para saber cómo duplicar nuestro dinero , si no se trata de hacer que suceda , y no en años, si no en el momento indicado y lo más importante con las personas correctas en la forma correcta, creando relaciones de valor a largo plazo.


El principal dilema de muchos grupos de emprendedores y empresarios es que solo ofrecen el cómo y el aprendizaje, que ojo si esta bien, pero no te ofrecen el con qué y con quien , y lo más importante de ese con quien no es solo lo monetario, si no lo más importante de tener un socio, es el saber que comparten las mismas visiones y metas.


En este Club de inversión, en nuestras sesiones y eventos del BD Mastermind Latino, te sentirás identificado y sobre todo conectado con esa persona o personas que afuera sería muy difícil encontrar. Por $500 USD mensuales (pagos trimestrales) palabras recibes:


  • Networking de máximo nivel.
  • Inteligencia colectiva Internacional.
  • Posibilidad de expandir tu portafolio de inversión.
  • Información exclusiva de los mercados y proyectos.
  • Recorridos en propiedades comerciales (mentorship)
  • Oportunidades de inversiones internacionales.
  • Asesorías de nuestros socios.

Why This Mastermind ?

Your quality as a person is often a reflection of your peer group, you become like your inner circle and vice versa, that’s why is so important to carefully select an inner circle that empowers and uplifts you. If you’re a person who wants to elevate your life, The Billion Dollar Boardroom is the mastermind group that you were looking for.

Wait! You Just Arrived At A Special Moment In BOB!


The BD Deal Hacker

(Valued: $2,995)

The BD Off-Market Course

(Valued: $4,995)

Get a partner with you to mastermind events

(Valued: $16,500)

Billion Dollar Boardroom Membership

(Valued: $22,000)

Total: $46,490- $1375

Billion Dollar Boardroom Mastermind

Being part of the Billion Dollar Boardroom:

  • Deal flow: get bigger deals
  • Money: How to raise capital for your large purchases
  • Scale: How to grow and scale your business
  • Attending our 3 masterminds per year (held in exotic locations, such as Mexico!). You would just pay for your travel and lodging, everything else is included (outings, food, etc.)
  • Amazing networking opportunities with high-level speakers and members.
  • Biweekly zoom calls
  • Contact book
  • Exclusive Facebook Private group
  • Be notified of the newest Javier’s Real Estate Deals
  • Partner opportunities

Learn step-by-step what we do from start to finish and how we find Off-market commercial properties:   Where I get my list and hold of sellers, what technology do I use, what speech we use, how to partner, and more.


NOTE: If you buy any annual package from my BDDeal Hacker, this course is INCLUDED.

A great “easy-button”!  A full automated lead management/CRM. It will pull data and lists for commercial properties all over the US. This is how I got over half of my 90 million in real estate: Direct to the owner.

Isn't Amazing? Choose Your Membership Plan


$ 1,375

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*Valid for: one event time



$ 16,500
  • BDB Full membership
  • BD Off Market
  • BD Deal Hacker
  • *12 payments of $1,375. Total amount: $16,500
  • *Valid Annualy

About Javier Hinojo


CEO and Partner

Born in El Paso, Texas Javier Hinojo came from humble beginnings. After exiting the US Army’s Military Intelligence 82nd Airborne, he found himself looking for a positive way to build legacy wealth. Javier had a “light bulb” moment while attending a real estate seminar, and over time was able to turn a measly $0.32 into $171 million.

As an experienced real estate investor, Javier has completed over 130 value-add property acquisitions in Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Tampa, and Raleigh-Durham. Javier’s strength lies in his ability to identify and steer value add strategies. He is skilled at acquiring off-market, distressed properties and stabilizing them to maximize return. Currently, Javier has 1,190 MF units, 54,000 Sq Ft, 212 SS units and $171,000,000 AUM across 7 states, which earned him placement into the Rich Dad Poor Dad Hall of Fame for his success in real estate. With grit and sheer determination, Javier continues to build his net worth and the net worth of his accredited and non-accredited investors.



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