(Bigger deals)


(How to raise capital for your large purchases)


(How to grow and scale your business)

Access to our weekly meetings during acquisition (this is huge… learn “how the sausage is made”).

This is not just about Multifamily, mobile home, self-storage real estate but real estate in general.

We will have high-level speakers.

We will have 4 meetings per year in different spots every time and you would just pay for your travel and lodging. Everything else is included (outings, food, etc.)

How about you try before you buy? The cost: 1K for you and only 600 for a second person. You WILL get 100% access like the current members. After the event no big upsell… If we are a good fit for each other, the investment will be 10k one time and 1K per month (12 Month commitment).

We are doing something different, we are so sure that you will love our mastermind and that will fulfill your expectations that we want to give to the possible members a taste of, what is it about.

So you can attend our next event in Orlando the 3rd-5th of November for only 1k if you come by yourself or or 1600 if you come with a partner. So you will have all the knowledge that our speakers and members will bring to the table as well as the network that comes with it.

This sounds exciting right?

We just need something from you: We want our mastermind to be a good tool for our members so we have to make sure that we are a good fit.

Please answer these few questions and we will contact you very soon!


Krystel Medina

Executive Assitant  | All States Capital Group