How I purchased $90,000,000 890 Units in 19 months!

How it works

Learn step-by-step what we do from start to finish and how we find Off-market commercial properties.

  • Where I get my list
  • How I get a hold of sellers
  • What I use for CRM and flows
  • What technology I use
  • What we say
  • How we make offers and structure them
  • How I get brokers to send me deals ALL DAY
  • How we wholesale our projects
  • How we partner if you need help to buy or wholesale
  • And a lot more…

NOTE: If you buy any annual package from my BD Deal Hacker, this course is INCLUDED. For more info about the BD Deal Hacker Click here.


About half of my projects have come direct to the seller and truly off-market.

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